The challenge

Any company that uses SAP needs to be able to react as rapidly as possible to emergency situations in the SAP systems at any time. As this means bypassing the SAP access rights framework and allowing access to an emergency user with extensive access rights, it must be ensured that no significant risks can arise for the company during its use. 

This creates the challenge of ensuring that all Firefighter deployments are logged in detail in a record that is audit-compliant, can be audited in full detail after the event and that has suitable controls implemented. It should also include a user-friendly design and the ability to apply personalised settings, so that this kind of solution helps to minimise the risks of deploying a Firefighter. 

Our solution

KPMG offers a Firefighter application which, thanks to its intuitive design using Sofy, enables users to request and use privileged access rights in the case of an emergency. The actions performed are logged and stored in an audit-compliant manner, so that at any time, all five basic questions can be answered: who did what, when, why and where? 

The functionality is further enhanced with integrated workflow-controlled checks. The Firefighter deployments are analysed and processed while applying the KPMG Better Practice principles. In a personalised dashboard, managers receive an overview of the deployments to be audited and approved, with all their details, plus the option to move directly to individually recommended follow-up actions.  

Your benefits

Using Firefighter you can rapidly extend access rights in emergencies, track these in detail and analyse them. 

Our solution is…

  • secure: Firefighter supports encrypted transmission as well as audit-compliant central storage.
  • rapid: Firefighter can be installed and ready-to-use within a few days.
  • smart: Firefighter offers an innovative and easy-to-follow presentation and evaluation of the log data, along with adaptive analyses. 

The role-based emergency access rights design of the Firefighter application helps you not just with its lean and rapid installation, but also with its innovative post hoc analysis.

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