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Credible and reliable statements in interim financial statements

The capital market expects financial information to be reliable and readily available. Companies which, as domestic issuers, issue shares or debt instruments within the meaning of the German Securities Trading Act (WpHG) must therefore prepare, for example, half-yearly financial reports. They can have these reports - as well as quarterly financial reports - reviewed or audited. The review aims to increase the credibility of the statements made in the financial statements. The review can be of great importance for the reliability of the financial information to be published. 

Audit of closing accounts for transaction purposes

KPMG provides audit services for transactions. Our specialists have extensive experience in auditing financial statements prepared in the context of company sales. These audits make an active contribution to the transaction process and increase the reliability of the closing account figures that are essential for determining the purchase price. After all, a proper audit of the core data always serves the purpose of avoiding misunderstandings. 

Audit services for capital market transactions

As auditors, we issue a so-called comfort letter in connection with capital market transactions. In this way we help the company and the underwriters to prove that they have exercised due diligence in the preparation of the prospectus and the inclusion of the various financial disclosures.

Additional financial information often needs to be prepared for a securities prospectus, as companies previously undertake restructuring, make corporate acquisitions or also publish information on expected profits. The review of the required pro forma financial information, combined financial statements and profit forecasts or estimates by our KPMG specialists increases the quality and reliability of this information for the addressees. 

Tailor-made audit services

There are also a large number of matters for which an attestation or confirmation by an auditor is required. Our specialists carry out these audits for you and tailor the audit services to suit your needs.