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Today, companies in all industries around the world are facing complex challenges around their service management technology. Especially in the areas of environmental, social and corporate governance.

It is critical to deliver service management excellence in the midst of rapid change and connect it to a digital platform that enables a modern, easy-to-use application across the enterprise.

The KPMG and ServiceNow partnership delivers solutions that help you consolidate, automate and modernize processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs by bringing transparency to your processes and infrastructure. We accompany you throughout the entire process with experienced Expert:in and combine the cross-functional platform capabilities of ServiceNow with our consulting expertise. Especially in strategic topics such as sustainability consulting, customer transformation, risk & compliance management and IT transformation.

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Our service offering

Our consulting services provide end-to-end consulting starting from evaluation of a business case to implementation support of an integrated platform. 

Environmental, Social and Governance

These buzzwords illustrate how broadly the topic of sustainability should be thought of. It ranges from climate change to workforce diversity to sustainable financing strategies. ServiceNow's ESG solution supports the implementation of company-wide ESG goals. It provides transparency on programs and initiatives and helps to strategically plan, manage, control and evaluate all activities on a single platform. KPMG supports you in the strategic conceptualization, design of processes and solutions, and implementation.

Cyber Security, Governance, Risk & Compliance

Information security presents a number of unprecedented challenges and risks. We believe that companies are well prepared for the future, accepting cyber-attacks as part of the economy and building security mechanisms and defences into their business. KPMG can help you build your cyber resilience using the ServiceNow platform.


Workflows transform IT into a growth engine. Using the ServiceNow platform, KPMG has proven expertise in profoundly transforming the IT organization and overall business operations. We help you future-proof your organization, digitize its workflows and map them on a unified platform.


Keeping track of your portfolio of IT assets requires a precise view - one that reliably shows where assets are located, who is using them and what they are costing your business. KPMG professionals can help you manage your assets more effectively with the help of ServiceNow ITAM.

Customer Service Management

Providing the best user experience to customers is essential to success. KPMG and ServiceNow can help you achieve optimal customer satisfaction, integrate teams to resolve issues, and take preventative measures to avoid disruptions.


Many legacy HR systems are riddled with checklists, email validations, phone calls and various other manual processes that slow productivity and cost time and money. KPMG member firms can help you implement HR service management that automates standard HR processes, tracks requests and monitors progress - helping to establish HR as a cost-effective area.

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