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The challenge

The increasing attacks on IT infrastructures pose great challenges for companies. Securing the SAP landscape against internal and external security risks in particular requires a complex analysis and assessment. This task is both technically and professionally demanding and requires a great deal of manual effort. Active system log evaluation is essential to detect suspicious activities and react appropriately. The protection and continuity of central SAP systems are crucial to defend against the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Our solution

Our data-driven consulting approach identifies security risks in your SAP landscape in a resource-saving way, uncovers potential for improvement and defines individual security requirements in joint workshops. With the help of our innovative SAP Security Dashboard, we analyse the security-relevant settings of your SAP systems and proactively evaluate the system logs. Our experts ensure optimal protection of your SAP landscape and the integrity of your data.

The procedure

Using state-of-the-art data analyses, we create a comprehensive SAP Security Scan to identify potential risks in your SAP systems and uncover vulnerabilities. Together we develop an individual SAP security concept and a customised security baseline to optimally meet your security requirements. This not only incorporates proven recommendations from the SAP Security Baseline Template, but also our extended best practices to provide you with the highest level of security.

With a detailed action plan and modern SAP security governance, we create the basis for effective protection of your SAP landscape.

Our experienced team supports you in implementing the necessary security measures and offers regular data-based security monitoring. In this way, we ensure continuous monitoring of your systems in order to detect potential security incidents at an early stage. Rely on our expertise and data-driven approach to strengthen the security of your SAP landscape and protect your valuable data.

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