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Automotive manufacturing is facing major changes today, in domestic markets as well as foreign ones. Established car brands also have to adapt in the face of growing price pressure in order to avoid losing status and defend market share.

New mobility services and user concepts are emerging for customers, requiring a holistic view of the customer life cycle. This will be digitally controlled to a large extent. In the evolving ecosystem, manufacturers, dealers and suppliers will only be successful if drivers or customers become even more of a focus.

The automotive industry is adapting to local requirements with its global strategies and brands. In doing so, it faces different challenges:

  • Electrification, autonomous driving and connectivity
  • New mobility services and user concepts
  • Growing price pressure
  • Overcapacity
  • Low margins
  • Flexible production
  • Profitable operations and workflow
  • Entry to new markets
  • Entry to new markets
  • Development of innovative products
  • Maintaining brand loyalty in the demanding European market

Our Manufacturer Services

KPMG helps manufacturers successfully meet the global challenges of the industry. In addition to audit services, we offer our clients a wide range of consulting services on tax, regulatory, process and transaction-oriented topics.

Through our automotive sector team, we can call upon more than 4,000 sector experts globally, including 800 in Germany alone, to deliver solutions for all the links in the value creation chain.