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One in three business entities will change their organisational structure over the next three years. Strategy transformation, cost reduction, centralisation, implementation of regulatory requirements, adaptation of the business model as well as the digital transformation of the market are the driving factors. The integration of acquisitions or carve-outs of business areas, in short, business transformations, are no longer reserved for large corporations. Even mid-sized business entities and organisations can’t escape constant change. In addition, organic growth in new locations or in new business markets requires stringent management for transformation.

Too often, strategy projects employed by business entities and organisations fail because of unspecified guidelines or ideas that were not fully thought out among management, which leads to initially enthusiastic projects running aground. In the medium term, this approach will decelerate the motivation of involved employees or sometimes even the entire business transformation. Once a project is launched, it is often technical deficiencies that cause failures. At this point, inadequate detail in planning, lack of flexibility in approach, insufficient measurement of success, lack of transparency or inefficient risk management within the project must be highlighted. Transforming a business is difficult under these conditions.

It is therefore necessary to have a solution that can map the entire transformation management from start to finish, integrate all the stakeholders, automate detailed planning and highlight the risks at any time.

A digital solution that has helped our clients to achieve 98% of their business goals during such transformation projects over the last three years is KPMG TrAction. Using the latest technology, the business software is cloud-based and bundles our implementation methodology, which has been used in our advisory practice for many years. Transformation management for project planning and control, measuring success and real-time reporting. Static and dynamic elements as well as automated and interactive functionalities are bundled to ensure efficient and results-oriented implementation. KPMG TrAction is your digital collaboration platform with third parties as well as across national borders. This is how PMO services work today.

What are the next steps? In a workshop, we will discuss with you the options for digital transformation project management and the opportunities KPMG TrAction opens for your change processes.

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