Through our interdisciplinary approach, we combine our wealth of experience with the wide-ranging, specialised expertise of other KPMG member firms. We can therefore offer business entities in the manufacturing industry consulting services tailored to their specific situation.

Our services

  • Advice on the acquisition and sale of companies
  • Support in the selection of international locations based on expansion and relocation
  • Advice on accounting, financing, investment and tax issues in an international environment
  • Advice on corporate reorganization and cost control
  • Support in the introduction of efficient processes or process optimisation
  • Support in the management and controlling of research and development
  • Support for market entry in Germany and the world [IB]
  • Support for the definition and implementation of efficient and effective value-creation chains [VCT]
  • Development of security models for the full IT life cycle and assistance with the IT security structure
  • Assistance with data & analytics, intelligent automation, artificial intelligence and other data-driven technologies.