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At KPMG, we help our clients better understand their customers and digitally transform marketing, sales and customer service. In doing so, we combine expertise and technology. Together with Salesforce, we are taking this to a new level. 

Customer focus has long been a key success factor. This means that in the long term, only companies that offer consumers tailored experiences across the entire customer journey will be successful. After all, both private and business customers now attach just as much importance to customer experience as to the actual product. They have high expectations of products, benefits and services. These consumers are digital, socially connected and informed. They demand that their needs be identified and met individually. In return, they want to be addressed personally and with relevant information. So, in case of doubt, quick decisions and response times to customer inquiries could make the difference between companies being rated with one or five stars. The bottom line is that the better a company knows its own clientele, the easier it will be to enter into dialog with them more effectively and efficiently. Efficient processes thus become critical success factors.

Nevertheless, many companies find it difficult to meet the expectations of their clientele. This is because relevant customer information is not available in a transparent manner so that it can be used to create added value for the company and its customers. It is not possible to record data correctly across the board. In addition, there is a lack of high-performance and mobile systems that enable employees to use them regardless of time and location. According to Statista, only 43 percent* of all companies in Germany have CRM software in place that enables them to capture and store customer data and make it available to other company departments. 

Unfortunately, silo thinking between departments, a back-and-forth of Excel spreadsheets, and unclean data bases are still the order of the day at many companies. 

Our service offering

Together with Salesforce, we help you deliver an outstanding customer experience and future-proof customer interaction. In doing so, we work as a business transformation partner and accompany your company on the journey towards digital transformation. After all, the use of artificial intelligence and process automation can simplify and accelerate business processes. Salesforce, as the global market leader, is the ideal partner for this with its cloud-based platform for customer relationship management (CRM): the flexibly scalable multi-cloud product suite forms the technological basis for successful customer interaction and enables you to have a uniform, shared view of your customers, flexible collaboration and efficient processes - supplemented by a wide range of integration and analysis solutions. As management consultants with in-depth industry experience and technical expertise, we work with you to design appropriate strategies, business models and innovations with Salesforce solutions and support their functional and technical implementation, operation and further development.

Our consulting services for marketing, sales, service and e-commerce with Salesforce solutions cover:

  • Digital strategy & sustainable organization
  • Customer journey & touchpoint excellence
  • Target Operating Model & E2E Process Management
  • CRM analysis & consulting
  • Transformation & Implementation 

* Source: Statista.com (2021)

KPMG Customer Data Platform: Jörg Schwarz, Director, Consulting, and Lucian Echalecu, Manager, Consulting, talk about the relevance of a customer data platform (in German).