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Insurance companies face a number of challenges. The digital transformation and increasing cost pressure place completely new demands on the efficiency of one's own organisation. Customers expect a fast, uncomplicated service, and there are still a number of regulatory requirements to be implemented. At the same time, however, there is also a range of new business potential, e.g. via new products such as cyber or ecosystem and platform approaches that go beyond the pure insurance product.

To ensure today's competitiveness and tomorrow's raison d'être, insurers need to actively address the multitude of challenges mentioned now: by defining future-proof strategies, developing customer-centric products and services, and undergoing digital reorganisation based on efficient processes, new IT infrastructures and agile collaboration models, among other things.

The Management Consulting Insurance team supports insurance companies in actively exploiting the potential of the current and future insurance market. We distinguish ourselves through in-depth industry expertise, end-to-end delivery capability (from strategy to (IT) implementation) and a holistic view of current trends and developments.

Our services for you (selection):

Business model strategy:

  • Market and business strategy (e.g. development of new business models)
  • Division-specific strategies (e.g. future of health, future of life, run-off scenarios)
  • Design or orchestration of ecosystems (platform/network business models)
  • Development of (digital) customer-centric services
  • Digital roadmap and CDO Agenda
  • Innovation strategies

Sales and customer management:

  • Market entry and focus strategies
  • Omni/multichannel strategies
  • Further development of individual channels
  • Compensation and control systems
  • Customer centricity
  • Product and value proposition

Legacy transformation:

  • Organisational reorganisation and (agile) transformation
  • Strategic cost reduction and sourcing strategies
  • Process optimisation/automation and complexity reduction
  • Claims optimisation and digital claims
  • Post-merger integration
  • IT strategy (e.g. make-or-buy analyses)

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