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The German insurance market is experiencing a time of upheaval. Customer needs are rapidly changing while market requirements are becoming increasingly more complex. Our globally structured network of insurance experts provides solutions for the development of innovative new products, the establishment of new customer segments and the optimization of sales and business systems – on a global scale and custom-tailored to meet customer specifications.

Future of Insurance

Groundbreaking developments in the field of artificial intelligence show that the digital transformation is accelerating. This change is also leading to upheaval in the insurance industry. Technological progress is just one of many aspects that will bring about change.

Several fundamental transformations in the sector are creating major opportunities. In order to take advantage of them, however, complex new tasks need to be mastered. And essential questions need to be answered in advance: What impact will demographic change have on the business model and what new risks will it create? How will customers purchase insurance in the future? What changes will there be in terms of competition and competitors on the market?

In our "Future of Insurance" series, our experts address the question of what the insurance industry will look like in 2030.


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