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The healthcare sector in changing times

Today more than ever, the healthcare industry is shaped by social, political and structural developments and changes. At the same time, the challenges facing the sector have never been greater: demographic change, cost pressure, staff shortages, increasing digitization and the changing nature of disease patterns are shaping everyday life in the healthcare sector. The goal is to maintain good healthcare across the board, which keeps an eye on topics such as the latest medical technology, telemedicine, the use of innovative AI tools, new care models, and sustainability.

Change of perspective on the road to success

KPMG views the healthcare system as a whole, consisting of public and private service providers, payers and the administrative level. This unique market view enables our diverse and interdisciplinary teams to understand the healthcare industry and social insurance in its complexity and to provide innovative, timely and sustainable solutions.

We draw on our internal, external and cross-service network. Our experts for the healthcare industry have expertise in the areas of audit, tax, deal advisory, consulting and law. This wealth of experience and vision enables us to look at complex situations and the unpredictable with specialist expertise and experience, identify the opportunities and develop approaches to solutions.

Our vision for the healthcare sector

Healthcare stakeholders are challenged to meet the current and future challenges of the industry through reimagined solution approaches. The complexity of digital transformation demands cooperation with a wide range of partners and new platforms. The increased use of digital solutions is inevitable. This approach overcomes traditional boundaries between service providers, payers and the administrative level and makes medical care sustainable and fit for the future. The result is a networked healthcare system that will increasingly use digital platforms to make the exchange between patients and healthcare professionals faster and more effective.

This solution approach is strongly influenced by our vision of healthcare, which is based on the following pillars:

  • Sustainability
  • Financial viability
  • Value orientation
  • Inclusion/Integration
  • The human being in the center

We base our healthcare consulting on these pillars.