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Digitization is in full swing - at least if you believe the companies' social networks and blogs. But what does reality look like? The emerging wave of digitization is also changing the real estate market, calling existing business models into question and changing the service and product portfolio of real estate companies. Even if the real estate industry is often considered slow and sluggish, it has many starting points for digital offers due to the numerous stakeholders in the real estate cycle.

Protect investments or dare something new?

The hesitation has to do with the system landscapes of the real estate companies that have been built up over years of project work, which, after often high investments, are now finally supposed to map the processes of the companies. But it is precisely these that are being called into question more than ever by digitization.

  • Standard processes must become more efficient, faster and more customer-friendly. This requires a rethink on the part of both users and providers, especially in the area of ERP software, and is already in full swing.
  • Data must be available faster in the right place, at the right time and with the highest possible level of data protection. The IT landscape, the organization and the employees must be prepared for the more flexible requirements and faster implementation times.

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  • Digital housing industry
  • digital roadmap
  • Digital Corporate Real Estate Management
  • IT for funds/asset managers
  • Business Intelligence, Analytics & Reporting

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