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The implementation of the requirements of the OZG entails a number of legal challenges and questions. It is a federal law, but the responsibility for the concrete implementation falls to a large extent in the areas of responsibility of the Länder and municipalities. The concrete framework conditions and project guidelines for municipal OZG implementation lead to various legal ambiguities, especially but not exclusively with regard to the expectations and tasks of the municipalities. The experts at KPMG Law Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH can advise* you on all legal issues relating to the legally compliant implementation of the OZG as well as on cross-jurisdictional support. KPMG Law supports you in legally penetrating the complex field of OZG implementation and accompanies you in all questions regarding the legal requirements in relation to the digitalisation of the administration. KPMG Law's expertise is not limited to constitutional and administrative law, but includes all relevant areas of law, such as public procurement law, data protection law, IT law and contract drafting. This means you receive holistic legal advice "from a single source*".

Kristina Knauber*

Lawyer, specialist lawyer for administrative law

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KPMG Law Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

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Analysis of the legal framework

When implementing the OZG, a comprehensive analysis of the legal framework and the already digitised services is necessary. In doing so, various (administrative) legal processes that should or must be triggered by the regulations of the OZG must be taken into account. Starting with the explanation of the legal requirements and the breakdown of the individual obligations of the administrative authorities arising from the OZG to the concrete assumption and preparation of these tasks. The experts of KPMG Law prepare legal opinions on various legal issues in connection with the OZG and its concrete implementation, for example regarding questions of competence and obligations to act. In addition, KPMG Law analyses for you the necessary legal foundations that still need to be created and presents you with the corresponding options for action. In particular, KPMG Law also advises you on the creation of administrative agreements and the review of the same. 

Elaboration of a concept

Step by step, KPMG Law provides procedural recommendations and assessments for the implementation of the OZG in your authority, which have been reviewed in detail by the law experts for their legal certainty. KPMG Law supports you from the very beginning to the final implementation of the digitisation project, including in all related areas of administrative law, legal data protection and IT issues, and questions of contract drafting and public procurement law. Particularly important is the constant feedback with other municipalities, administrative authorities, the state and also the federal government with regard to standardised issues as well as questions of competence and responsibility. The bundling of competences and the regular exchange between the actors at the municipal, Land and federal levels thus serves the main goal of legally secure design of the necessary measures for solution-oriented implementation of the OZG goals. Clarity and efficiency are at the forefront of this.

In addition, we offer training on how to deal specifically with legal pitfalls of the OZG and its implementation in order to identify and overcome legal obstacles in a sustainable manner.

Support from an experienced team

Thanks to the extensive experience of KPMG Law's experts in dealing with public administration, KPMG Law develops practical solutions for you that can be adapted to newer developments "with a few flicks of the wrist". KPMG Law offers you an interdisciplinary team with the highest professional competence and the necessary creativity for flexible solutions. A contact person is also available to you at all times for urgent enquiries. 

Last but not least: Just in case

Of course, KPMG Law's team of experienced (specialist) lawyers will also provide legal representation (if necessary) at all instances.

* Legal services are provided by KPMG Law Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH.