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Due to the advancing digitalisation, the public sector is expected to open its channels and provide innovative possibilities for handling official processes. This requires the digitalisation of both internal and external administrative processes.

Analysis of the digital maturity level

With the help of the KPMG assessment, you can analyse the digital maturity level of your organisation and your readiness for OCA implementation in the area of Digital Transformation and OCA Public Sector. Based on the current state of OZG implementation (through regular evaluation), measures are defined and, based on this, controlling instruments for measuring progress are established.

The maturity model "Digital Transformation and OZG Public Sector - Assessment" developed by KPMG enables an assessment of the OZG implementation. To determine the digital maturity of your organisation and your readiness for OZG implementation, we use suitable business analytics as part of our service module three; the maturity of OZG implementation is assessed in an online survey.

Our business analytics in the free variant offer you individual added value to penetrate issues from different perspectives. 

Our Business Analytics in the Advanced variant offers your organisation added value in determining the maturity level of specific topics. You receive a detailed real-time results report for up to 20 participants. Our detailed results analysis creates clarity and enables benchmark comparison. 

Our customised business analytics in the tailored variant offer you, in addition to the advantages already explained, the possibility to develop the assessment individually for your problem and organisation.

The evaluation provides an analysis of your level of maturity of OZG implementation. Based on this information and the identification of optimisation potentials, you can improve the user-centricity of your organisation.

Overview of the maturity level of one/several organisations with recommendations for action. If a more in-depth analysis or the answering of individual questions is required, our experts will offer further workshops.

The aim of this module is to obtain a comprehensive overview of the implementation status of the OZG requirements down to the municipal level. This not only creates clear transparency on the current status of OZG implementation, but also provides in-depth insights, lessons learned, recommendations and better practices for your future OZG implementation and further digitisation measures. In consultation with you, we also create the categories and criteria for the as-is analysis individually for you, as shown in the figure, for example.

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OZG Assessment Tabelle

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