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Never before have organisations been characterised by so much dynamism and shaped by so many uncertainties. Church organisations also find themselves in an increasingly complex environment, with many significant risks as well as opportunities. Effective management and, at the same time, close monitoring of the measures put in place are helpful - in other words, nothing less than effective good governance. KPMG supports you in identifying risks and opportunities to give you the confidence to make decisions for the future of the company, also under liability aspects. From the establishment or optimisation of preventive management systems, ongoing internal auditing of processes and controls to auditing in accordance with IDW auditing standards.

Compliance management systems (CMS) have become established in practice in many organisations to meet legal and regulatory requirements. CMS are an integral part of good organisational governance in view of the numerous compliance cases to be observed and, if designed appropriately and effectively, can serve as evidence of the fulfilment of due diligence and organisational obligations with regard to compliance. KPMG's tried and tested methodology distinguishes between phases that build on each other: Quick Scan, Inventory Review, Design Review, Adequacy Review and Effectiveness Review. Our approach ranges from the determination of the status quo (point in time related) of a CMS to the effectiveness statement (time period related).

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