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You are a German company and want to expand globally, transform your foreign business activities or are looking for new investment opportunities abroad? Or are you an international investor with the aim of investing in Germany? Regardless of where you come from and whether you are interested in a greenfield investment or want to take over an existing company - our International Business Teams offer you the support you need. And all that in your language, personally and at your location.


Investing in Germany

More and more companies are interested in locating in Germany, which offers optimal access to the European single market thanks to its central geographical location in the heart of Europe and its good infrastructure. International companies also want to participate in the business opportunities arising from the major transformational projects in Germany: the energy transition to renewables, the implementation of climate neutrality, the digital transformation of the administration and the healthcare system, and the massive investment programmes in infrastructure and defence. It is not uncommon for companies to enter the market in the form of greenfield investments, as international companies are also regionalising their business activities to reduce their vulnerability to crises. A wide range of funding from Germany and the EU is available for new investments in future-oriented topics. The specific regulatory requirements in Germany and the EU pose a particular challenge for international investors.  

Due to the long-term robust market environment, Germany is one of the most attractive locations worldwide. However, the long-term attractiveness of the location has deteriorated recently.This was shown by our survey with 360 CFOs of the largest subsidiaries of international corporations. Read here to find out which location factors Germany scores highly on in an EU comparison and which are weaker.


Investing in Europe

Germany is the geographical heart of continental Europe and the largest economy in Europe. Alongside China and the United States, Europe is one of the three largest economic blocs in the world. In only a few regions of the world can companies operate as freely and at the same time with such legal certainty as in Europe. The international standing and sovereignty of the European Union are gradually increasing. While the economic policy parameters in Europe are being further harmonised, numerous differences remain that make each market unique due to its cultural and legal aspects.


Investing in North and South America

The USA is the largest and most important export market for German companies. Due to the current U.S. funding opportunities (e.g. IRA), German direct investments in the United States are also increasing strongly.

However, the USA is not synonymous with America. The South American continent also offers diverse investment opportunities, especially in the area of raw materials and energy supply.


Investing in Asia and Oceania

The centre of the world economy is increasingly shifting to Asia. Emerging economies are maturing into pioneers, less developed nations are catching up fast. Many German companies and SMEs have benefited from the "Chinese economic miracle", Japan is known for its economic, cultural and innovative achievements. Vietnam, Laos, the Philippines and Indonesia are probably the most promising countries in the Southeast Asian Pacific region in economic terms. India, now the world's most populous country, is becoming more important for the German economy not only as a sales market, but also as another important pillar as a production, sourcing and R&D location.


Investing in the Middle East and Africa

Energy supply, hydrogen technology and gigantic infrastructure projects are characteristics of this region that is constantly gaining strength. In addition, there is a growing population, rising prosperity and improving political framework conditions. In these emerging markets, German companies expect a wide range of risks and returns.

Your contact network in the world

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