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The future of the church depends largely on whether it succeeds in recruiting qualified and motivated staff and preparing them for their tasks in a changed environment. The church competes with many employers for talent. The church must make an attractive offer as an employer. Employees are also a cost factor. The majority of the expenses of church organisations are personnel costs. With church tax revenues in decline, what contribution can personnel costs make? There are a number of significant (compliance) risks in human resources, for example in labour law, social security or data protection. Systematic errors quickly lead to high penalties and additional payments due to large numbers of cases. We want to help you create secure structures for tomorrow. Relevant questions in the area of human resources are: 

  • What does the new world of work bring? How can employees be prepared for the working world of tomorrow?
  • How can personnel administration and payroll be organised efficiently?
  • How can personnel files be kept in a legally secure manner?
  • How can tax, social security and labour law requirements be easily implemented?
  • How does the church succeed in building an employer brand?

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Quelle: KPMG, 2022

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