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The commercial aerospace market is dominated by the production of large civil aircraft - and this is dependent on the acquisition plans of the airlines. This industry is driven by energy- and resource-saving innovations and technologies: After all, if both time is saved and passenger comfort is increased, this is in the interest of the airlines.

Defence industry developments are directly related to the procurement policies of governments and their defence budgets: Competition for contracts is intense and rivalry in this market is strong. Companies therefore rely on cooperation, innovation and new technologies to add differentiators to their products and services.

With our strong network of experienced aerospace and defence professionals around the world, we are well positioned to help you take a balanced approach to financial and operational strategies. Whether it's optimising net working capital, realigning operations, implementing a digitalisation strategy or implementing new technologies such as machine learning or artificial intelligence (AI) in your company's production lines and control systems: KPMG is a competent and reliable partner for you. Our interdisciplinary teams identify optimisation potential in all areas of the company, show alternatives and help you achieve your goals.

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