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Finance and accounting should record and evaluate all business transactions of an organisation and make the economic and financial situation transparent. Many church organisations have reorganised and further developed their finance and accounting systems in the last ten years.

The particular challenges for church organisations in the coming years lie in the refinement of all controlling instruments and in supporting further digitisation in all administrative areas, for example in the areas of securities, real estate, contracts, church facilities, schools, kindergartens and taxes. All digitalisation measures also have an impact on finance and accounting due to interfaces. Another important influencing factor is sustainability. Thus, the importance of non-financial key figures in reporting will strongly increase.

We support church organisations in the following measures:

  • Introduction of new accounting standards, adaptation of accounting to regulatory changes,
  • Design and implementation of inventories (e.g. contracts, real estate, art/books)
  • Support in the preparation of annual financial statements and in communication with the auditor,
  • Support in planning & controlling, cost & performance accounting,
  • Introduction of impact-oriented management,
  • Introduction of a standardised reporting system appropriate to the target group,
  • Reporting taking into account non-financial (ecological and social) indicators,
  • Recording, documentation and optimisation of processes in finance and accounting.

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