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Globalization, digitization, demographic change and the trend towards integrated solutions and the resulting competition are driving structural change in all industrial sectors. This creates completely new business models. Digitization brings new products and changes business processes. Companies are not only influenced by structural change, they are redesigned. With these solutions we can support you in all aspects of your corporate real estate management:

Why is Corporate Real Estate Management necessary?

As a reaction to the structural change, Corporate Real Estate Management shows strategies (e.g. asset-light approach) to create the greatest possible flexibility in the real estate portfolio. It is important to check to what extent the inventory is marketable and how it can be transformed. Existing maintenance backlogs must be reduced and a digital infrastructure must be created.

In the course of the real estate industry challenge, it is necessary to question how you can make your corporate real estate organization more responsive. How you can create added value for the company. How flexible and agile the corporate real estate management (CREM) organization must be in order to be able to react promptly to new developments. And how corporate real estate management can penetrate a company to create management attention and acceptance among all stakeholders.

The space requirements must be adjusted in the light of the change in the working world, automation, digitization and the sharing economy. Depending on how affected by the structural change and the associated flexibilization of production and workplaces, the space requirements for each part of the company must be designed.

Areas that become free can be made available to other areas of the company in terms of location and usage concept. The associated increase in the third-party usability of production areas allows sale-and-lease-back and investor models. Real estate that is not required for operations is sold, thereby reducing unprofitable capital commitments.

Additional services from KPMG's Real Estate division

In addition to corporate real estate management, we can support you in all matters relating to real estate by combining auditing, tax advice, legal advice*, consulting and deal advisory. In particular, benefit from our experience in transactions, transformation and strategy development, compliance and increasing the efficiency of your organization. Our global network offers solutions for every commitment in the real estate industry and real estate - worldwide and individually tailored to your needs.

* Legal services are provided by KPMG Law Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH.