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The tasks and requirements of facility management have changed significantly in recent years. The focus used to be on the cost-optimized management and maintenance of the building. Today, on the other hand, sustainability and "user experience" in the workplace have gained much more importance. Topics such as a lack of transparency in building-related costs, the frequent lack of security when it comes to operator obligations and increasing cost pressure with high innovative strength of the services represent the greatest challenges for FM organizations.

Integrated Facility Management (IFM)

IFM controls all facility management services on an interdisciplinary basis and achieves significant cost optimization with innovative solutions. IFM follows the strategic decision to focus on the core business and hand over the control of all facility management services such as cleaning, technical maintenance, security, catering, reception and many more to a partner.

The challenge, like any other paradigm shift, is to get the process right from the start. In addition to the data collection of quantities and costs, a suitable description of services and the right commercial model are the guarantors of success for the successful introduction of an IFM model.

We would be happy to talk to you about how we can shape this transformation process together. KPMG has been able to accompany many customers on this path in recent years and help them achieve savings of up to 20% on historical costs.

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User Experience and Innovation in Facility Management

The classic management approaches for office space and the changed requirements due to an agile work concept in the "New Ways of Working" diverge. In order to be able to survive in the "war for talents", innovative solutions from the real estate sector are required that help to strengthen your "employer branding".

Health check of your connection with your service provider

Also think that your KPI system differs from the actual service delivery with your service provider. Are you sure that your service provider will provide all the services owed and that they will bill for them in accordance with the contractual regulations?

If you are familiar with these issues and would like the technical perspective of a third party, we should sit down with you and evaluate the actual performance of your service provider.