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In a constantly changing world, it is extremely important for organisations to be able to react quickly. Change management makes a decisive contribution to this. It encompasses the tasks, measures and activities that can bring about a cross-divisional and far-reaching change in an organisation - to implement new strategies, new structures, systems, processes or behaviours. People are at the centre of these changes. 

The topic of change management is particularly relevant for the public sector. The coronavirus pandemic has shown how important it is to be able to react flexibly and agilely to new situations. It was a trigger and accelerator for the relevance of change management. 

The digital transformation, "New Work" and demographic change are key issues that the public sector needs to address. Processes, structures and organisational cultures need to be rethought and sensibly changed. The success of change measures depends crucially on whether those responsible for change management and managers succeed in organising the change in such a way that all those affected, including employees, accept the changes and perceive the positive aspects. The targeted use of effective and efficient methods and tools also has a significant influence on the outcome of the change process.