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How can church administrative organisations meet the requirements of sustainability, professionalism and adaptability despite the enormous upheavals in church and society as well as changing technical and legal framework conditions?

The five principles of good church administration are: 

  • a clear basic understanding of its own mission
  • harmonised and standardised processes in an expedient organisation
  • transparency about the function of the administration in the overall structure
  • a clearly defined scope for its own administrative actions
  • the specialisation of different areas

Read more about the five principles now.

What does a modern and sustainable church administration consist of?

The following illustration (German only) shows aspects to be considered in the organisation of church administration (so-called target picture):

Grafik Verwaltungsorganisation

This target picture must be defined for each administrative unit (for example, real estate management, securities management, contract management, taxes, controlling, accounting, payroll accounting). 

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