Pier Stefano Sailer

Partner, Consulting, Head of Public Sector Consulting, EMA Head of Government & Public Sector, Global Lead Partner EU Institutions

KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

As head of the consulting business for the public sector, I support our clients in a technology-driven and process-oriented transformation of their administration. I stand for the development of holistic solutions that meet the increasing regulatory and compliance requirements in particular. My aim is to use my in-depth knowledge of the sector to take account of the specifics of the individual organization and to develop suitable solutions together with the client.

I am particularly proud to have been the EMA Head of Government & Public Sector since October 2021, leading the network of all public sector lines from the EMA region. The EMA region includes the entire European and African continent, the Arabian Peninsula and India. Together with my colleagues from the network, we support each other in setting up (internal) national delivery structures, alliance partner development, cross-service customer and team development and share best practices.

The EU is one of the most important transnational customers in the EMA region. The EU and its associated institutions such as the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development are not only relevant for the EU-27 countries. With support for accession countries, development aid and geopolitical partnerships, the EU has an impact far beyond its borders. The EU is therefore classified as a Global Platinum Account, of which I have been the Global Lead Partner and therefore KPMG's central contact since 2024.