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You can count on Hessen's economy. We have done the maths.

Think internationally. Act regionally.

Frankfurt - melting pot of cultures. Hardly any other city in Germany is as international as the metropolis on the Main. Whether business, finance or transport: its central location, evolved structures and traditional trade relations make Frankfurt a hub for global activities.

KPMG is represented here with its largest office in Germany. And it is located exactly where internationality is most visible: at Frankfurt Airport. From this European transport hub, we can reach our clients in the shortest possible time. So that we can achieve the best for their companies. At the same time, our sphere of activity extends far beyond the city limits: we have particularly close ties with the locations in Mainz and Saarbrücken.

Whether large corporations, medium-sized companies or start-ups: we speak the language of business. And we know their challenges. Topics such as globalisation, digitalisation and the shortage of skilled workers are of concern to companies throughout Germany and require innovative solutions.

In the world's first Insights Center, KPMG in Frankfurt offers state-of-the-art insights into the infinite possibilities of data & analytics. Interaction, technology and expertise are combined here to create holistic analyses. In the Tech Quartier, Frankfurt's nucleus for innovation, we also support founders of FinTechs and tech start-ups.

KPMG's network spans the entire globe - at the same time, we know the fine distinctions of the individual regions. Through intensive exchange, we benefit from each other - and our clients from us: globally, nationally, locally. With broad industry expertise, innovative ideas and precise regional knowledge, we are ideally equipped to meet the challenges of the economy.

Today. For tomorrow. For Frankfurt.

Yours sincerely 

Ralf J. Baukloh

Regionality connects.

KPMG helps companies in Frankfurt and throughout Germany to tackle their challenges and solve them successfully.

In addition to specialist expertise from the Audit, Tax, Deal Advisory and Consulting divisions, our clients also expect us to have in-depth industry knowledge in order to provide efficient services and enhance the quality of our advice.

For this reason, we have undertaken an industry specialisation for key sectors of our economy. This interdisciplinary approach offers clients cross-divisional solutions for individual issues.

In Germany, we have the know-how of more than 14,000 employees at our disposal. Worldwide, we can easily draw on the KPMG network of around 273,000 employees in 143 countries.

New territory in sight? We set sail and chart a course - so that our clients can concentrate on their business. Our experts' in-depth professional and industry knowledge gives them security and orientation. And it encourages them to tackle necessary matters with determination. Because we don't just show companies business opportunities. We also support them in shaping their own development and achieving their growth targets.

From a single source - from Frankfurt.

KPMG in Frankfurt:

  • 2312 employees
  • 294 tax advisors
  • 229 auditors
  • 51 nationalities
  • 100% passion