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Transport and Tourism at a Crossroads: Disruption or Evolution?

Our solutions ensure sustainable foundations for the future

The transport and tourism industry is changing. Never before has technological progress driven the development of these two economic sectors so rapidly. The digital transformation of the transport industry and the start-up boom of recent years are blurring the boundaries between transport, mobility and technology. Due to an exponential flood of data and the testing of new technologies such as augmented reality and blockchain, challenges of the future range from automation to the use of new drive technologies, lower-emission mobility and increasing transparency. Accordingly, the future of the industry will revolve around three key questions:

  • How can today's logistics meet tomorrow's customer requirements?
  • What opportunities and risks does the data and platform economy hold?
  • How can digitalisation support the sustainability of the industry?

Our industry experts have the answers to these and further questions. They are ready to help you meet the challenges of the future and support you in the following sub-sectors:

  • Logistics (courier, express and mail)
  • Aviation (airports and airlines)
  • Public transport (bus and rail)
  • Maritime economy (shipping and ports)
  • Tourism (hotels, restaurants and travelling)

We are backed by a global network of more than 5,000 industry experts in over 150 countries as well as wide-ranging expertise from countless industry projects. Thanks to continual analyses of our local markets, we always keep an eye on the global transport and tourism industry and use our cross-sector know-how to open up new contexts. The transport and tourism industry of tomorrow will be more networked and digital than ever before. Today, we already support you in making the right connections.