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The transport sector is responsible for around 25 per cent of global emissions. In order to reduce these, a transformation of private and commercial transport is necessary.

In private transport, alternative drive systems such as electric mobility and hybrids will continue to gain in importance, as will concepts that promote alternatives to private transport. In urban areas, for example, the 9-euro ticket has created an incentive to encourage more people to use public transport. In rural regions, concepts are being trialled that do not follow a fixed timetable but are designed with demand in mind, e.g. autonomous on-demand transport.

Commercial transport is an increasing problem, particularly in cities - whether it is deliveries to shops or private households. Concepts for relieving the burden on city centres include reducing journeys in the short term, e.g. by allocating slots or white label micro-depots or other creative ideas such as ship-from-store solutions. The combination of private and commercial transport is also being trialled. Autonomous driving or solutions that shift deliveries into the air or underground could be solutions here.


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