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Your activities in Germany and the US

Regardless of whether you are a seasoned investor with well-established foreign operations or embarking on your first foray into an international environment, you have one expectation in common: your advisors must understand not only the local environment in which you operate but also your home country environment and cultural underpinnings. For investors from the US into Germany as well as from Germany into the US, we have established the “US-German Corridor” to provide you with best in class service. The real difference is not in our technical knowledge of the local environment, but in our focus on and understanding of your specific needs and expectations. To achieve this, our US-German Corridor on both sides of the Atlantic consists of teams of professionals with deep knowledge and experience working both in and with companies from your home country. In many cases, our team consists of nationals from one country working in the other country, and we actively rotate professionals between Germany and the US and vice versa to further develop the experience of our team to better serve you.

This publication will introduce you to our teams in Germany and the US and provide you with insights into our capabilities for serving you across the entire range of services we offer.