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Our global network offers solutions for every engagement in the field of energy and natural resources – worldwide and individually adapted to the client's needs. Digital innovation, increasing demand for decarbonisation and geopolitical volatility are just some factors having a huge impact on the industry. 

The industry is being shaped by various forces. Volatile commodities and the shifting economic, regulatory and competitive landscape are major challenges. And it is not only energy companies being affected – companies handling a global supply chain network are also impacted. Process automation can play a key role in reducing risks and increasing efficiency. By applying new digital techniques and seizing the opportunities of digitalisation, higher revenues, competitive advantages and even new business models can be generated. Our experts assist companies in optimising and transforming their supply chains and energy demand.

As climate change and decarbonisation receive closer attention across all industries, the greatest focus is on the energy and natural resource industry. On the one hand, CO2 emissions must be reduced, even though energy consumption and the transport of goods are increasing all over the world. On the other hand, extreme weather events are on the rise due to climate change. This puts more and more pressure on global supply chains and increases the risk of supply disruptions and energy shortages.

Our KPMG teams have the experience and the knowledge to help you face the challenges in the energy and supply chain industry. We look forward to meeting the specific needs of your organisation and finding individual solutions according to your circumstances.

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