Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) - these three keywords stand for the major goals and challenges of our time: protecting our environment and climate (Environment), promoting social cohesion (Social) and ensuring sound and sustainable corporate management (Governance). Achieving these goals requires a fundamental transformation of our economy.

In the process, ESG has evolved from a pure risk and compliance issue to a lever for generating value. With a holistic ESG strategy, you can not only minimise risks, but also exploit new potential, strengthen your resilience to volatile market conditions and play an active role in shaping a sustainable future.

Integrating environmental, social and governance factors into the corporate strategy opens up new business opportunities and strengthens long-term competitiveness in addition to overcoming global challenges. ESG is thus becoming a decisive factor in shaping value enhancement and preservation and therefore future viability in an increasingly sustainable economy.

Align holistically and ensure sustainable success

When implemented correctly, ESG is an opportunity for growth, profitability, increased resilience and thus for high, sustainable corporate value. Start your ESG transformation now with us at your side. From strategy and climate risk management to compliance with regulatory requirements - we support you on the path to a sustainable future.

ESG transformation areas

We support you in your successful ESG transformation along the following five areas - from strategy to implementation. The orchestration of all areas is a key success factor.

Strategy & Value

Transforming business and operating models to increase resilience, economic performance and enterprise value through ESG.

Climate & Nature

Maximising positive impact on the planet's systems and the business operating in it.

Regulation & Reporting

Meeting increasing regulatory requirements and stakeholder expectations on ESG transparency and accountability while profiting from political incentives.

Technology & Alliances

Using the power of data and software in collaboration with the world's biggest tech players to internally steer and externally report on the ESG transformation.

Governance & Organisation

Enabling change by defining internal processes, controls, and structures as well as creating an inclusive, equal and just culture along the entire value chain.

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