ESG – Environmental, Social, Governance. These three keywords illustrate how broadly sustainability should be thought of today. It stretches from climate change to workforce diversity to sustainable financing strategies.

The three letters E, S & G represent perhaps the greatest megatrend of our time and a fundamental transformation of the economy. ESG has evolved from a risk and compliance topic to a value generation lever.

Sustainability, when implemented correctly, is an opportunity for more growth, profitability and increased company value—when it’s done right.

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We provide advice tailored to you in each of these areas with customer-centric ESG solutions. Our goal is always: Value creation – for you and your stakeholders.

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Our service offering

ESG strategy

Sustainability as a basis for adding value: Pioneering business strategies and business models

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ESG in transactions

Integrating ESG issues throughout the deal cycle – from ESG due diligence to exit preparation

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Sustainable finance

Success factor for sustainable finance: From issuing green bonds to optimising ESG ratings

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ESG in the supply chain

Embed your ESG strategy across your entire supply chain

Supply Chain

Circular Economy

ESG reporting

ESG reporting: Create value through effective stakeholder communication and control mechanisms

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ESG assurance

The “G” in ESG: Effective processes and controls for business longevity

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ESG in law and taxation

Implement and anticipate regulatory navigation for taxes, implement national and international ESG legislation and minimize risk

ESG in law

ESG in taxation

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Diversity & equal opportunities

Diversity, compensation and more: Sustainability in Human Resources and Change Management

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Climate risk, decarbonization and biodiversity

Climate protection as an opportunity: Manage CO2 reduction, increase resilience, ensure profitability

Climate risk and decarbonisation


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KPMG Impact

Our ESG-related services are part of KPMG Impact – a global initiative that brings together the knowledge, resources and capabilities of all KPMG member firms on sustainability.

Sustainable finance and ESG for financial market stakeholders

We will support you along the way to sustainable finance.

ESG legal expertise

The experts at KPMG Law Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH will support you with any legal issues regarding your company strategy in terms of ESG.