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The Challenge

Your stakeholders - from investors to employees - expect you to do the right thing now. What impact do you have on the planet - and what impact does the planet have on you? How do you consider and work with the people around you? Do your policies go beyond simply complying with the Supply Chain Act, the Paris Climate Targets and the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive?

ESG is now a top priority for senior management. Inaction can be costly; neither financial nor reputational damage is out of the question. You could lose your competitive edge, miss opportunities to expand into new markets or sectors, or be targeted by regulators.

But what opportunities can ESG open up for your company? How can you turn ESG risks into business opportunities for your company? How can you drive the necessary changes in your operations, working practices and behaviours? How does your business become sustainable while the environment in which you operate is rapidly changing?

Here's how we help you incorporate ESG into your business strategy

We can help you develop an ESG strategy that supports your growth objectives while connecting the needs of your business with those of the environment, external stakeholders (e.g. institutional investors) and society. Our team of experts will work with you to

  • understand the ESG landscape: We help you understand ESG criteria, trends and influences that could have an impact on your company, and find out how your company compares to direct competitors and leading ESG companies. This will help you decide what to focus on.
  • Assess your ESG progress and goals: With our tools to assess the maturity of your ESG strategy and formulate your goals, you can assess where you are on your ESG journey, how you are integrating ESG aspects into your corporate governance and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. We can also assess your ESG maturity against industry standards and market best practice.
  • Conduct a materiality assessment: Using our proprietary ESG Landscape Assessment tool, or a review tailored to your budget, we identify ESG risks and opportunities that are material to your business. You can decide on the level of internal engagement and consideration of the positions of your external stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, lenders and shareholders.
  • Develop an ESG strategy and strategic options: We help you develop a sustainable value strategy that creates long-term value and competitive advantage by identifying strategic ESG solutions and platforms that enable you to take advantage of key opportunities and address priority risks.
  • Adopt circular economy practices: Based on your operating models and performance metrics, we help you assess your goals and aspirations with regard to a circular economy. In this way, we can help you eliminate waste and reduce costs throughout the product lifecycle and your entire supply chain in the spirit of a sustainable economy.
  • Tell a compelling ESG story: We know what issues are important to your stakeholders and what they expect from you. We can also help you communicate your ESG criteria to improve your brand perception with clients, employees, lenders and shareholders. We specialise in capital markets communications and have extensive experience working with companies at a turning point (e.g. IPOs, bond issues and private equity investments).

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