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From metal production and metal processing to finishing processes and downstream service centres: our KPMG experts specialise in companies along the value chain in the metals industry. But in Germany in particular, it is difficult to draw a line between the value-added stages and apply it to the industry as a whole. Integrated large corporations often cover both production and processing as well as customer-oriented services.

The metal industry is permanently faced with the challenge of fluctuating demand, volatile raw material costs and persistent pressure on margins. In some markets, there are also capacity overhangs, consolidation pressures and tightening regulatory requirements. In the metals industry, it is necessary to invest in energy- and resource-saving technologies and process innovations. This is the only way to minimise substitution and relocation risks.

Whether it is a matter of optimising net working capital, supporting investment projects, realigning operating processes or implementing a digitalisation strategy: KPMG is a competent and reliable partner for you. Our interdisciplinary teams identify potential for improvement in all areas of the company, point out alternatives and help you achieve your goals.

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