The mining and metals industry has played a pivotal role through history and now it must play a crucial role in a global revolution no less momentous than the others before it. If we are to stand a reasonable chance of slowing, and ultimately reversing, climate change, the world economy must become carbon free.

For the mining and metals industry, the challenge is unique. It must quickly increase production to supply global business with the materials it needs to shift to a carbon-free future. Yet it must do so without harming the environment, while restricting its own operations so they consume less carbon.

This transformation will depend partly on the mining and metals executives KPMG International contacts to compile this insightful report. The responsibility of these companies, is to guide the industry onto a more sustainable path. There has never been a greater demand for metals and minerals, but it has equally never been harder to develop new mines. The same challenge can be said for makers of steel and other materials that are needed to invest rapidly in new process that will cut carbon emissions.

2023 Global Mining and Metals outlook

Executive insights on decarbonization

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