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IT has the task of supporting procedures and processes in church organisations and administrations. The role of IT relates in particular to support in the processing of procedures, the preparation of information and in decision-making.

Today, church activities are supported by IT in many places, and in the future, church activities will be even more permeated by IT than they are today. 

What developments can be expected in the next few years?

  • Members want to communicate with their church online, for example to apply for documents or to make appointments.
  • Documentation requirements are currently growing strongly. IT should help to be able to prove church activities and to file them in a structured way.
  • All documents (contracts, case files, personnel files, etc.) often have to be accessible to several people. Without a structured filing system, this cannot be guaranteed.
  • Church employees expect attractive workplaces and the use of modern state-of-the-art procedures from their church employer.

An integrated IT system controls all important processes of a church administration (accounting, personnel, taxes, real estate, securities, controlling, purchasing, services). This integrated IT system must be structured in such a way that...

  • ... important master data is only managed in one place in order to avoid redundancies.
  • ... all necessary documents (contracts, files, transactions, incoming invoices) can be accessed online by all persons who need access.
  • ... the reporting system shows all necessary information.
  • ... the information necessary for decision-making is available.
  • ... important ancillary systems are connected to the core system via an interface, and other ancillary systems are gradually integrated into the core system.

As a result, an integrated IT system supports compliance with all laws, contracts and voluntary commitments, the acceleration of processes, the reduction of costs in administrative processes, the recruitment of qualified staff and thus the sustainability of church activities.

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