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By investing in new technologies, companies in the healthcare sector hope to achieve greater profitability and efficiency. In order to achieve this improvement in performance, it is important to link innovations with other strategic and economic objectives.

For our latest study "Global Tech Report: Insights from the healthcare sector", we asked representatives from companies in the healthcare sector about their digitalisation efforts.

Cybersecurity is the primary focus of innovation efforts

Due to the lack of trust in the reliability of current technologies, healthcare organisations expect innovative approaches from their IT specialists. These should ensure that both existing and new systems enable efficient detection and management of cyberattacks and data breaches.

These are the main drivers of digital transformation in the healthcare sector

95 per cent cite the rapid increase in employee productivity as the main driver for digital transformation. High-quality and secure services for consumers and patients also make a significant contribution to digital transformation. 47% cite consumer feedback and 56% regulatory obligations or security concerns as drivers for the digitalisation of processes.

Increasing productivity with AI

62 per cent of respondents also stated that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are the most important technologies to help companies achieve short-term goals to increase productivity.

You can find all the results in our publication.

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