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Defence, homeland security and justice organisations need to respond effectively to existing and emerging challenges of an ever-changing security and threat scenario. They need the right tools and equipment to stand up to cybercrime, new forms of extremism/terrorism, hybrid attacks and organised crime.

Security and defence authorities are expected to be professional and proactive, acting with precision and according to the rules. Effective structures, efficient use of resources in the face of increasing demands from citizens, and international networking are a basic prerequisite for this.

In the field of justice, too, the opportunities and potentials associated with the new normal are increasingly coming to the forefront. Digital skills need to be promoted to further ensure the functioning of justice systems. Digitalisation makes it easier to give people access to justice. Standardised business processes allow the legally compliant use of technological aids, such as automation and AI, relieve the burden on employees in courts and public prosecutors’ offices and increase efficiency, speed and employee satisfaction.

In the areas of internal security, defence as well as justice, quick and professional action is required. The best possible preparation for the future as well as qualified support in everyday work is our goal.

As an independent consultant with extensive experience in these areas, we can support you in the following tasks, among others:

  • Cybersecurity and BSI basic protection
  • Project and program management
  • IT strategies and consolidation and cloud solutions
  • Sustainable governance and organisational development, as well as human resource planning
  • Sourcing strategies and 360 contract-awarding service
  • Risk management
  • Feasibility studies and economic considerations
  • AI: Use cases and algorithm monitoring