The working world is changing, the demands on companies are constantly increasing - also in the area of global employee mobility. The number of data, appointments, deadlines, applications and approvals that mobility officers have to coordinate is constantly increasing. This is not only accompanied by an increased administrative burden, but also by ever more extensive compliance obligations. These requirements can hardly be managed without IT support. This is where our platform solution LINK Go comes in: It bundles your global mobility tools and services in a cloud and enables the automation and digitalisation of your mobility programme.

KPMG LINK Go: Start small, grow later

LINK Go is an innovative software-as-a-service solution that allows you to efficiently coordinate your global mobility processes. It covers all forms of employee mobility: from business trips to working (temporarily) from abroad to all other forms of international assignments. LINK Go enables you to coordinate processes, track and monitor individual process steps, automatically create and save documents and assess risks. You can start with individual modules, for example with the processes around the important topic of remote working, and add further modules as needed.

This is what LINK Go can do:

Smart Requests:

LINK Go handles all types of mobility (assignments, remote work, business trips and other cross-border issues) for all your company's locations and services - from relocations to visa procurement. The flexible Smart Requests can automatically execute both individual tasks and entire groups of tasks. This allows you to optimise your processes.

Integration into your HR system:

You can integrate LINK Go into your HR system and transmit information and documents digitally. This avoids duplicate entries. Documents and data are stored centrally in one place and are available digitally at all times - whether for your HR managers or expats abroad.

Notification and chat function:

You can use LINK Go to automatically send notifications and reminders about to-dos and track open tasks. The in-built chat function enables direct communication within the tool so that you can keep an eye on all correspondence and exchange documents securely.

Cost and tax calculations:

With LINK Go, you can easily create contracts, balance sheets or cost estimates and simulate costs, taxes and social security contributions for different scenarios for decision-making.


Checklists help you to keep track of all the tasks that need to be done and not miss any deadlines - for example, when repatriating expats or recording assignment data.

KPI monitoring:

With the integrated KPI monitoring, you can analyse the efficiency of your entire processes in order to optimise them. You can also monitor the provision of services by external third-party providers.

Support for complex use cases:

LINK Go provides support in the assessment of complex use cases, for example in questions relating to work stays, employment contracts and posting guidelines. The tool identifies applicable regulations and deadlines and shows which documents are required at what time. The tool can answer less complex enquiries from employees directly and automatically.

Decision as a service:

An integrated decision engine specifies the specific work steps, especially against the background of frequently non-linear processes. For example, different tasks need to be completed for a short term assignment than for a long term assignment; a different form is required for a workation in country X than for country Y. The tool initiates the necessary steps and guides you through the process.

This is what distinguishes LINK Go:

  • Manual processes can be easily and quickly digitised and automated with LINK Go. This creates transparency and saves costs.
  • Speed, low costs and quality in global mobility management.
  • Secure and compliant data management (according to DSGVO): all data and documents in one place, central deletion and storage concept, secure and encrypted handling and storage of sensitive data.
  • Flexibility: You only activate the modules you really want to use. The offer ranges from individual topics such as assignment management to support for the complete mobility management function. In addition, any extensions to include further application areas and workflows are possible. You only pay for the modules you activate.
  • KPMG hosts LINK Go as Software as a Service and ensures that you are always up to date.
  • Operation is intuitive and possible from any device worldwide.
  • Integrated tools such as an AI-based chatbot and on-demand tutorial videos ensure the best possible user experience and keep you informed of changes (for example, system updates). 
  • LINK Go is also backed by an interdisciplinary global team of IT, HR, process and compliance experts.

LINK Go can do much more. See for yourself. We will be happy to present the solution to you in detail - also as a live demo. Talk to us.

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