The various asset classes in the real estate industry are under the constant influence of megatrends and macroeconomic factors.

On the one hand, digitalisation is creating new investment opportunities, while on the other hand, other asset classes such as logistics, light industrial and retail are undergoing structural change.

Sustainability aspects and ESG issues are leading to a far-reaching rethinking and restructuring of some asset classes in the real estate sector. This particularly affects more conservative asset classes such as office, residential and the hospitality sector.

The demographic change in society is particularly promoting the healthcare sector as an asset.

KPMG’s Real Estate team sees itself as a holistic service provider for all aspects of real estate and provides you with structured and ongoing advice on your asset class.

Asset classes


Office real estate is facing some challenges. We provide you with a broad range of advice.

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We will advise you on the most modern concepts for your residential property.

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Logistics/Light Industrial/Data Centre

Forward-looking categories from logistics properties to data centres.

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The retail sector is in the midst of profound structural change. We combine retail and real estate expertise and are happy to advise you on current topics.


The hospitality industry faces major challenges: ESG, green lease schemes, digitalisation, labour shortages, inflation. We accompany you with our professional expertise in all aspects of hotel real estate.


The healthcare asset class is benefiting from demographic change. We combine in-depth experience in healthcare and the social economy with many years of real estate expertise for the benefit of owners and users of healthcare properties.

Life sciences & chemicals

A rapidly changing environment constantly poses new challenges for life sciences and chemical companies.