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Is your data architecture capable of providing up-to-date and quality-assured data for the targeted management of your bank?

It could be better because: Risk controlling, reporting, accounting and controlling, as key elements of bank management, always need the latest, complete data that can be evaluated in different dimensions. This is the only way to sustainably optimise income and cost management as well as performance measurement, management and control and to monitor compliance with regulatory requirements.

With the principles for the effective risk data aggregation and risk reporting (BCBS 239), the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has significantly tightened the regulatory requirements for data storage and risk reporting systems. Five years after their publication, the BCBS 239 requirements continue to pose an enormous challenge for many institutions in terms of interpretation and implementation.

In addition to the growing regulatory requirements, increasing reporting obligations to the supervisory authorities can be observed. The classic reporting forms have been comprehensively expanded in recent years and supplemented by new supervisory reporting requirements, such as AnaCredit.

Our expertise – your success

Many financial institutions have already done significant preparatory work by implementing the BCBS 239 requirements. On this basis, taking into account the requirements of all other disciplines of bank management, future-proof data architectures can be built for more efficient overall bank management and irreversible costs can be prevented.

We support you in the implementation with holistic solution approaches, e.g. by:

  • Creating visibility into your existing data processing routes
  • Defining an optimal target architecture based on your existing infrastructure or by selecting appropriate solutions
  • Efficiently designing production lines of the data aggregation processes
  • Technically defining data requirements and production lines
  • Harmonising data
  • Producing data quality

As a market leader, KPMG supports numerous national banks and has in-depth professional expertise in all disciplines of bank management, comprehensive technical implementation know-how and the regulatory expertise to ensure compliance and realise the opportunities from BCBS 239 for your bank.

Our services in the area of specialist architecture & data management

Flexible data management

Creation of flexible data aggregation and analysis capabilities, including use cases for data storage (e.g. central warehousing, data lake, micro services), as well as flanking and (partially) automated governance and workflow processes.

Data harmonisation

Expansion of data request management for data cleansing and harmonisation as a basis for data analysis procedures.

Transition and reconciliation

Design of functional reconciliation concepts between risk and financial data as well as tools for (partially) automated implementation.

Data quality management

Implementation of holistic approaches to organisation, methods and processes as well as IT support for data governance, including data lineage and DQ reporting.

We provide you with visibility into your implementation progress through quantitative and qualitative benchmarking – with our KPMG Atlas-based compliance tool for self-assessment of BCBS 239 compliance. This allows you to assess your compliance status and generates a market comparison on topics such as data architecture, IT infrastructure, data quality, risk reporting and governance. To give you even more certainty in implementation, we also offer you a holistic audit approach for standardised auditing of BCBS-239 implementation.

We have a valid project procedure, analysis and result templates as well as staff with extensive practical experience and know-how in the integration of regulatory requirements and technical solutions. Furthermore, KPMG works with renowned manufacturers of innovative data integration and data quality management tools to develop an efficient and strategic solution for data quality management.

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