Getting ideas off the ground

Foundations must fulfil numerous legal and tax requirements in order to be recognised by foundation authorities as legally capable and by tax authorities as charitable. In order to do justice to the complexity of (tax) law for tax-privileged corporations, KPMG relies on a network of specialists throughout Germany.

In each region, the network is represented by a responsible partner who maintains contacts with the German tax authorities as well as the foundation supervisory authority and follows changes in the administrative practice of the financial authorities in the respective federal state. The foundation teams are integrated into the international KPMG network for advising foundations and non-profit organisations.

We also provide comprehensive support on the topics of accounting, strategy and sustainability, from the audit of the annual financial statements and structured asset management to integrated sustainability reporting. Under the leadership of one of our partners, you receive all services bundled and tailored to your individual objectives.


Different standards apply to non-profit organisations than to industrial companies. This is our speciality. We have years of experience and know both your needs and specially tailored solutions. Read more

Tax optimisation

We identify tax optimisation potential. This is an integral part of our comprehensive consulting approach. We analyse the current tax situation and develop customised concepts and solutions for you. Read more