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Changing framework conditions make the tax calculation of special investment funds increasingly complex. KPMG supports fund companies with flexible software for efficient and transparent tax reporting. Starting from the accounting data of the entire investment fund, the Financial Services Reporting Engine (FS Reporting Engine) guides the user through the complete process of tax calculation and generates an individual report for each investor. The results of the tax calculation are presented transparently and are made clear to the fund company.

The changes brought about by the Investment Tax Reform Act, which has been in force since 1 January 2018, present real estate funds with a variety of challenges:

  • The investor-specific summary of the taxable income to be allocated requires a corresponding adjustment of the calculation system and the data basis to be included.
  • Since the determination is the basis for the withholding of withholding tax and tax returns to be filed, there is a risk of interest on arrears in the event of errors.
  • Regular reporting for investors ties up manpower.
  • Maintaining and ensuring tax status with special investment funds involves a great deal of effort and expense.
  • Investors expect faster, more frequent and more detailed reports on key tax figures.

In order to support you in overcoming these challenges and to avoid a costly conversion of your accounting system, we have developed a special software. The Financial Services Reporting Engine creates tax calculations and other key tax figures based on the investment fund's accounting data. The software automatically compiles the taxable income to be allocated to each individual investor. Special care has been taken to ensure that the software is intuitive and easy to use, thus making it easier to meet future tax compliance and reporting requirements.

The FS Reporting Engine is offered as “software as a service” and is thus hosted, maintained and further developed directly at and by KPMG. This eliminates the need for lengthy and sometimes expensive migration into your existing IT infrastructure, unlike other applications for this functional area. You have access to the software at all times thanks its cloud-based approach.

The FS Reporting Engine was specifically developed to process granular data with the use of automation. The high granularity of the database offers additional possibilities to flexibly expand the reporting packages, as numerous reports are based on the information obtained.

We hold your data internally with the highest security standards in mind.