The challenge

A large number of processes run simultaneously within a company, and with the advance of digitalisation and the use of different IT systems, this can lead to a high overall level of complexity. Deliveries arrive while orders and payments go out. These processes are supported by technical solutions such as ERP and CRM systems in order to ensure the best possible implementation.

These tools make it possible to reconstruct processes from their digital footprints. Individual process steps can be visualised and situated in the overall context, allowing a very precise and detailed analysis. This uncovers any deviations from the standard process and any unsatisfactory performance during individual steps in a process.

The major challenge for companies consists of extracting useful insights from the huge volumes of data and building improvements to make the process run as it should, instead of how it currently does. KPMG Lighthouse can help to realise the many benefits that result from applying Process Mining in order to remain efficient and competitive in the future.

Our solution

KPMG Lighthouse combines cross-industry expertise and technical skills with the application of future-facing technology in order to deliver customised solutions based on your process data. Using the relevant tools, KPMG can analyse your data and processes in real time and provide you with valuable insights.

As well as offering a graphical presentation of the data in dashboards, KPMG evaluates your performance using informative KPIs that allow continuous measurement of success. The implementation of the Process Mining solutions into your infrastructure, along with the preparation and subsequent analysis of your data will be carried out by KPMG Data & Analytics experts.

In addition, we will also advise you on long-term integration of Process Mining tools so that the results you have achieved are sustainably guaranteed in the future. The solutions installed by KPMG offer you a user-friendly interface which enables problem-free integration in the business environment.

What a Process Mining analysis by KPMG consists of

Data input: KPMG Process Mining solutions are built on top of your IT infrastructure. They extract the relevant data and prepare it for analysis

Process data analysis: using the most up-to-date tools, KPMG data & analytics experts analyse the individual processes to model the patterns and define performance.

Data interpretation: thanks to wide-ranging, cross-industry benchmarks and best practices, any weak spots in your process can be pinpointed and relevant solutions developed.

Results and reporting: KPMG provides you with a detailed overall analysis and presents the data and significant insights in the form of reports and dashboards.

Planning measures: on the basis of this, KPMG concludes with some recommendations for action and assists you as a reliable partner in the implementation of these measures.

Your benefits

  • Reduction in cost of processes
  • Guaranteed compliance with requirements (e.g. maverick buying) and risk reduction
  • data-driven analysis, not related to subjective interviews, workshops and documentation
  • decisions made on the basis of data and facts
  • comprehensive analysis of all available data (100 percent of the business events covered by the system)
  • applies across different sectors
  • opportunity for ongoing process analysis and monitoring thanks to implementation of long-term process mining solutions
  • Expansion and further development of process mining within predictive analytics solutions (e.g. forecasting the duration of future processes by looking at processes from the past)


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