Since 1 January 2019, the Minimum Care Staff Levels Regulation (PpUGV) has applied in Germany. The PpUGV prescribes how many care staff must be available to patients during the day shift and night shift. This applies to all hospital areas where nursing care is critical, such as intensive care, heart surgery and cardiology. If this minimum threshold is not maintained, there will be sanctions as defined in the current sanctions agreement. All relevant minimum care staff thresholds, as well as the qualification profile to be maintained during the day and night shifts, are defined in the current PpUGV. The qualification profile defines the ratio of nursing staff to auxiliary staff. This means that new challenges arise at short notice for hospitals in relation to reporting, documentation and compliance with the minimum thresholds, and also in relation to  scheduling care staff.

In collaboration with the German Heart Centre in Berlin (DHZB), KPMG has developed a PpUGV Management Dashboard , which supports hospitals to provide effective care staff management and helps generate the reporting required by the PpUGV. A user interface has been developed to display the staffing situation in real time. This in turn enables continuous monitoring and management. The final product consists of a comprehensive control cockpit, an interactive visualisation in QlikView, and a reporting function to comply with the reporting requirements of the Institute for Hospital Remuneration Systems (InEK).  

If you answer Yes to any of the following questions, then our solution will be of interest to you: 

  • Does your hospital face the challenge of compliance with the PpUGV? 
  • Would you like to see your hospital’s occupancy rate visually at a glance?
  • Are you looking for ways to present (patient and care staff) data in a way that is informative, interactive and compliant? 
  • Would you like to see bulk data from various sources (staff rosters, bed occupancy schedules, surgery schedules, shift schedules) combined in a visually appealing way? 
  • Would you like to make the workload easier for your colleagues, especially the ward managers, and reduce their administrative burden?
  • Are you looking for a permanent solution for how to store data not only for visual presentation, but also in table form to submit status reports (reporting requirements) at the click of a mouse? 

Your benefits

Hospitals can obtain the following benefits:

  • Transparency and ability to plan: By using real-time data and by maintaining the PpUGV minimum threshold levels, you can make the workload and the staff cover required transparently visible and easy to schedule. 
  • Agility and stability: The PpUGV Management Dashboard is a dynamic tool that enables far-reaching scheduling of the care staff and bed occupancy. Annual and monthly overviews of the main factors affecting staffing requirements can easily be created in the dashboard. 
  • Efficiency gains: Thanks to the integrated reporting option in the dashboard, you can do away with free-standing, static reports in Excel. Weekly, monthly and annual summaries can be generated at the click of a mouse. Data irregularities can also be identified rapidly and easily at a glance.  
  • Internal benefits: Management and colleagues can focus on activities that add value. 
  • Decision support: Data visualisation tools offer decision-makers access at any time to current data and trends, and improve the ability to make decisions based on real data. Available staff can be planned in and deployed more efficiently. 

Our solution

Our team from KPMG can advise you with their future-facing expertise on the topics of digital care management and - at a higher level - healthcare analytics. In doing this, we are not only relying on digital solutions and our many years of knowledge of the sector, but we are also looking at the whole story of digitalisation in the health sector. We do not look just at isolated local solutions, but instead force the pace on getting systems networked within an organisation, and within the sector.    

  • Comprehensively meet requirements: Our endeavour is to match our solution in every detail to your requirements. Our broad-based expertise stretches from project management skills to complex technical strategies and IT solutions.
  • Software selection: We seek out and evaluate the right solution for you from a large Business Intelligence portfolio so that our recommendation will work precisely the way you need it to. 
  • Technical implementation: We turn data into visual presentations of analyses and reports. We develop customised dashboard solutions, among other things, and research interfaces to solutions that may already exist. For this, we combine different solutions into a single tool so that our Care Staff Management Dashboard staff allows you to see deployment scheduling, care staff minimum thresholds, ward occupancy levels and status reports at a glance, and they can be updated on demand. 
  • Testing and support services: Once the solution has been programmed and implemented, we run through a whole suite of tests with your IT staff to ensure that the programme is functioning correctly. We are also happy to offer personalised support services in order to further develop the IT solution to meet your wishes and keep pace with changing requirements. 

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have or organise an initial discussion with you. Get in touch.