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With the implementation of the property tax reform, a total of approximately 36 million units must be revalued. This also means a considerable effort for many companies.

The KPMG Grundsteuer Digital tool supports you in meeting the property tax compliance requirements and ensures transparency and clarity. All required real estate and property tax data, such as usable or living space, modernisation measures or operating facilities, can be systematically recorded and clearly displayed.

With the software, you also have an overview of your notices and can ensure the timely completion of property tax payments through targeted monitoring. In addition, you have the possibility to use synergies. For example, the unit value required for the trade tax reduction according to § 9 No. 1 GewStG can be shown and, if necessary, automatically imported into the respective tax return software.

In addition to managing your property tax, we also have innovative solutions for the collection of property and building data that may be required. The measuring robot of our partner NavVis scans all relevant areas and measures all surfaces using modern laser technology. The collected data is automatically read into our system and the new property tax is calculated.

Interested? We would be happy to explain further advantages of our consulting approach in a personal meeting. Please contact us.

KPMG Property Tax Digital - Demo Video (German only)

The software-as-a-service solution supports you in managing your property tax.

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