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Maximizing customer value, optimizing service, increasing process efficiency - companies across all industries face these key challenges.

KPMG's partnership with Pegasystems enables us to provide you with comprehensive consulting services in these areas. Pega's powerful and innovative software combined with our broad consulting expertise provides you with clear added value. The complementary offerings within the partnership ensure that you can sustainably reduce complexity in your front and back-office business processes.

Eight times faster than traditional Java applications

Pega offers a cloudnative low-code platform for both customer engagement and operational excellence. The platform gives users the tools they need to rapidly deploy, extend and modify applications. Changes can be implemented up to eight times faster than with traditional Java-based applications.

Pega takes a fundamentally different approach to structuring the technology. The focus is on you and the results you want to achieve. This so-called center-out approach focuses on the customer experience - not on a single channel or the technical capabilities of a system.

Our service offering

Employees can focus on what matters

Pega is one of the market leaders in customer service, low code and intelligent automation. Pega's product portfolio includes solutions in customer interaction, customer service, sales automation, and intelligent automation. The solutions save time - so you and your employees:inside can focus on the essentials.

We provide you with comprehensive support in the operationalization of your very individual digitization strategy. Our partnership with Pega enables us to provide holistic consulting services.

Our consulting services include, among other things:

  • the concretization of digital target images,
  • the re-design and automation of end-to-end processes through the use of artificial intelligence and Robotic Process Automation,
  • the implementation of digital process automation tools along the customer journey.

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