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KPMG – the clear choice for the design and implementation of the topics on the CIO’s agenda

A common weakness is the lack of alignment between the business & IT. Synchronization and integration of business and IT strategies is a key success factor. Often, the required alignment of strategic IT objectives to the business objectives does not occur. We can guide you through the process and help you develop an integrated IT strategy.

The strategic guidelines then need to combine into a future-proof IT architecture. In practice, we find heterogeneous architectural landscapes. The key challenge in the architectural design is less the design of a future-ready architecture capable of supporting scaling and innovation, but rather the design of the transformation itself. We support you in the process of dynamically evolving your existing architectures – especially in the cloud environment.

Directly related to the IT architecture is the question of the appropriate operating and sourcing model – i.e. which service providers and partners should be integrated within your own architecture? In practice, there are very different sourcing strategies and ecosystems, from the monolithic contractual relationships of “full outsourcing” to very piecemeal “out-tasking” landscapes. Our experts can develop custom sourcing strategies tailored to your specific needs.

How KPMG can support you

We are the right point of contact for the CIO of a bank, insurance company or an asset manager. You can benefit from our expertise in regulatory issues, the business, the processes, as well as our technical expertise. We understand a CIO’s current challenges and assist you in transforming your IT. From the development of the strategy to architectural (re-)design and the design of contemporary sourcing and cloud models.

IT strategy

  • Developing strategic guidelines and a target image to rebuild your IT to be competitive and future-proof
  • Designing the organisational structure and processes as part of a functioning governance model
  • Change management as part of IT transformation


  • Development of sourcing strategies and models
  • Selection of suitable service providers/partners
  • Building/establishing a model to manage sourcing and governance
  • Regulatory compliance (KWG, MaRisk)


  • Developing cloud strategies (e.g. multi-provider)
  • Building/establishing a cloud centre of excellence to bundle cloud expertise within the company
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements (including C5)
  • Transforming the organisation of the structure and processes into an agile organisation
  • Developing cloud-native solutions (e.g. a data lake)

Enterprise architecture

  • Conducting a digital readiness assessment
  • Developing a target development plan for the operational bank architecture
  • Developing an API strategy and designing the API architecture layer
  • Developing a target image for integrated process and data management

We always put the viability of your project first, alongside compatibility with your company culture and the regulatory requirements. As a consultant to the CIO, we’ll guide you from the strategy phase to the implementation of the transformation.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about strategic and technological transformation.