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The challenges for insurance companies in the current market environment are enormous, and the reasons for this are complex. But one thing is becoming more obvious: In quite a number of insurance lines, it is hardly possible to generate sufficient profits any more. Therefore, the search for new sources of income, both internally within the business entity and externally on the market, is increasingly becoming the focus of decision-makers in insurance companies.

In order to be able to continue to operate successfully in the market in the future, insurance companies must actively address a multitude of challenges now: From the creation of reliable processes and structures, taking into account regulatory requirements, to the development of the right market strategy.

We at Transformation Insurance at KPMG can support you if your business entity wants to actively exploit the opportunities in the future insurance market. Benefit from our wealth of experience with projects and avoid stumbling blocks by using our lessons learned for the benefit of your business entity. Our KPMG team not only has in-depth technical expertise, but it is also a reliable contact regarding current trends and developments and their opportunities and challenges.

Our services for you:

  • Market and business segment strategy
  • Strategy development and evaluation
  • Process and cost optimisation
  • Organisational development and business process optimisation
  • Corporate reorganisation
  • Sales support
  • Customer relationship management
  • Market analysis

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