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The role of the automotive industry and the demands on motor insurance will change substantially in the coming years. The development of driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles, among others, is highly dynamic and is progressing faster than previously assumed. The same applies to mobility concepts and the transport of goods – for example through the development of 3D printers.

Staying on track – finding the right way

We accompany these developments both on the insurer, car manufacturer, leasing, service provider and supplier side and have built up detailed knowledge in these areas over the years.

The most important topics are:

  • advances in technology with implications for loss frequency/form and liability issues,
  • a change in customer demand and the resulting customer behaviour,
  • the role of car manufacturers and service providers, and
  • changes in sales.

We adapt the solutions developed for these challenges to the respective individual situation of the customers. The determining parameters are deliberately evaluated differently in several scenarios in order to gain a feeling for the interdependencies in one’s own portfolio. Insurers with a distinctive own sales organisation and / or a very small share in the fleet business will quickly notice in the simulations how drastic the effect of individual parameters is on their performance in motor insurance.

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