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The moment of truth comes in the event of a claim, as this has a major impact on customer satisfaction. Customer needs have changed greatly here in recent years, moving away from pure premium payers to claimants. Customers expect an increasingly higher level of service for their money. Insurers are increasingly forced to see claims handling from the customer’s point of view. This rising service expectation is increasingly posing challenges for insurers, some of which involve considerable additional expense. In addition, insurers are also confronted with the rising costs of claims expenses, for example, due to increasing prices for spare parts and new repair methods.

The design of the customer interface and individually staged claims processing play a decisive role in this context. By developing digital solutions such as claims apps, the needs of customers can be served and the company’s own processing costs can be efficiently reduced, for example, through (partially) automated claims processing. The increasing involvement of external service providers also requires greater orchestration of claims processes.

Rethinking claims management

From many years of experience from projects in claims management, we have extensive market experience and insights into best practice. Among other things, we have developed a sustainable target operating model for the claims management of the composite segment for a German insurer. We have also optimised claims procurement together with an international insurer and realised annual savings of over 10 million euros.

We are happy to support you in the development of innovative solutions – in designing the customer interface and automating claims handling processes, integrating and managing external service provider networks, using data & analytics, increasing control rates and sustainably reducing claims expenses through professionalised claims procurement, and much more.