More transparency for clear purchase decisions

The KPMG Pre-Deal PPA Solution provides an efficient and reliable way for potential buyers to gain insights into the purchase price analysis of a company acquisition. Our solution assesses and visualizes these impacts in the shortest possible time to enable an in-depth due dilligence based on a quantitative and qualitative analysis - despite the challenge of a very short timeframe with limited data availability.

Achieve a reliable indicative valuation of intangible and tangible assets as well as liabilities using KPMG's extensive industry-specific database. Our intuitive solution makes it easy to integrate your own inputs and review data accuracy without sacrificing quality assurance or value determination outcomes.

Insights into the KPMG Pre-Deal PPA Dashboard

Easy to use, interactive and available anywhere

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All benefits at a glance:

  • Effective: A short input process creates space for analyses and scenario calculations
  • Simple: Straightforward execution of Pre-Deal PPA through clear process control
  • Reliable: the fully integrated calculation model (in the style of IFRS 3) is based on KPMG evaluation standards with the inclusion of PPA benchmark data
  • Clear: visualization of essential PPA effects and relevant evaluation parameters in a dashboard
  • Practical: results can be exported in Excel

Output scope

  • Values of tangible and intangible assets and liabilities
  • Derivation of goodwill
  • Balance sheet effects resulting from the PPA
  • Presentation of impacts on profitability
  • Possibility of entering your own assessment assumptions  

Product versions at a glance


You receive independent access to all of the tool's functions. This enables you to enter the data yourself and view the results directly.

Managed service

In addition to tool access, we provide you with a personal advisor as your direct contact regarding setup and data entry. The preliminary results will be presented to you in a personal meeting. You will then receive an executive summary.

Tailored service

Full implementation of a Pre-Deal PPA using the online solution. In addition to the tool access, we provide you with a personal advisor as your direct contact and tailored derivation of relevant valuation parameters. You will receive the results in a detailed report.

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